After successful careers in commercial banking, public service and project management, Mary brings her experience and relationships to the world of residential real estate. "Without realizing it, this is the career for which I have prepared myself since college, " Mary said. "As a member of the Dallas City Council for 8 years, I helped people navigate the bureaucracy at City Hall. The majority of these situations involved their homes and neighborhoods and helping to restore their quality of life." If you are buying a home, Mary provides unique services far beyond closing. "I believe that I am responsible to my clients to help them continue to enjoy their homes. For example, circumstances involving city services or utilities can usually be resolved with 1 telephone call to the right person," Mary said. If you are selling your home, Mary uses her network of friends and associates to produce the maximum exposure for your listing. Mary was selected by D Magazine for Best Realtor® 2008-2015.

  • Former Acting Mayor & Mayor Pro-Tem, City of Dallas
  • Former Chairman, North Texas Crime Commission
  • Former Chairman, East Dallas Chamber of Commerce
  • Former Chairman, N Central Texas Council of Government
  • Vice chairman, Presbyterian Health Care Foundation

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  • 4220 Hildring Drive W Fort Worth, TX 76109 - Image
    Hildring Drive Fort Worth, TX 76109
  • 6342 Berwyn Lane Dallas, TX 75214 - Image
    Berwyn Lane Dallas, TX 75214
  • 7736 Woodstone Lane Dallas, TX 75248 - Image
    Woodstone Lane Dallas, TX 75248
  • 9226 Hathaway Street Dallas, TX 75220 - Image
    Hathaway Street Dallas, TX 75220
  • 4307 McKinney Avenue #10 Dallas, TX 75205 - Image
    McKinney Avenue Dallas, TX 75205
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    Lomo Alto Drive Highland Park, TX 75219

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